2020 Annual Conference Resources


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COVID-19 Response Network Results and Innovations

Panel: Economic Disaster Response in the Wake of COVID-19

Ripple Effects of COVID-19 on the Global Stock Market


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Hospitality Industry Innovation and Recovery Strategies

13 Ways To Kill Your Commerce

How to keep leadership focused on previous projects before COVID-19


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Creating Environments of Collaboration: Achieving dynamic strategic imperatives in communities and governments

Panel: Fostering Entrepreneurism and Innovation During a Public Health Emergency

Looking to the Future: Long term resiliency for the economy, government, and business


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Panel: Strategies and Emerging Practices for Outreach and Assistance to Businesses During COVID-19

Technical Assistance for Survey Design

Communications with Business Using Technology


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US and Canadian Funding and Resources for Businesses Recovery

Managing Quality and Food Safety Programs in the New Normal

Tourism Business Retention and Recovery in the context of COVID-19: Emerging Practices

Focusing on Mental Health Resources for Struggling Businesses and Communities Amid Disaster