Membership Types

Individual Memberships

Organizations or individuals may purchase a membership for an individual. This membership is non-transferable. All dues-paying members are entitled to theBREI benefits. Current membership rate is $100.00 USD.

Corporate Memberships

A corporate group will be allowed to purchase memberships with BREI for individuals within their organization and those memberships are transferable within the organization. The cost of a corporate membership is: first member – full price, second member – 85% of full member rate, third and subsequent members – 70% of full member rate.

Affiliate Memberships

An affiliate member pays annual membership of $20.00 US and is available to members outside of the US and Canada only. The member is not permitted to vote or hold an office. The member enjoys all other benefits of the BREI membership including access to the Member’s Only section of the web site, receipt of the BREI E-News and the member rate at all BREI sponsored activities.

Retired Memberships

A retired membership is a full membership for an individual who has retired from their profession. Their annual membership fee is 50% of the full member rate.

Student Memberships

A full time student who is studying towards employment within economic or community development is eligible for a student membership. The individual will have no voting rights but will have complete access to all information allowed to full members at an annual cost of 35% of the full member rate.

Honorary Memberships

An honorary membership is a membership presented, with Board approval, to an individual in recognition of worthwhile contribution to BREI for one year. Voting rights are not part of this membership.

Lifetime Memberships

This membership is presented in recognition of meritorious service to BREI. This individual will retain full voting rights and will not be charges for cost of annual membership. 

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Note: All memberships are to be paid in USD funds.  If you are paying with check and need to determine the exchange rate for paying in USD, click here to access our currency converter.