Business Retention & Expansion International is the leading professional association for business retention and expansion, a fundamental strategy for economic sustainability and growth.  We represent professionals in the economic development field from across the globe in order to educate, train, and promote best practices for increasing economic activity and growth in both urban and rural areas.


With all of the organizations that exist to support industry and economic development, why chose BREI for membership and involvement?

The answer is in the focus.  Business Retention & Expansion International is laser-focused on BR&E.  We provide two certifications designed to provide grass-roots training for implementing a BRE program, complete with survey tools and methodologies for implementing these tools.  We provide a huge number of BRE-specific resources and a wealth of institutional and professional knowledge on the subject.

BREI is not an economic development association that does everything plus BRE.  We ONLY do BRE, and we go in-depth with the offerings that we provide.

We are continuing to find new ways to education and empower our members, and we continue to learn the latest and greatest strategies for accomplishing the needs of a changing and evolving world economy with emphasis on the nuances of the local environment.

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