The hallmark of any good economic developer is certification. By obtaining certification in your trade, you are demonstrating to your peers that you have obtained a level of knowledge and understanding that allows you to fully accomplish what is needed in the field.

For business retention & expansion professionals, this certification is internationally recognized as the BRE Coordinator (BREC) and the BRE Professional (BREP).

The BRE Coordinator (BREC) certification is the entry-level certification designed for those with a working knowledge and application of BRE, but have not yet risen to the level of long-standing professional in the trade. One must first complete the BREI Fundamentals Course before earning the BREC, and then must complete designated levels of education to maintain the certification.

The BRE Professional (BREP) certification is the higher level certification offered by BREI to those who have advanced their education and practice of BRE to the professional level. Applicants must first have an active BREC certification and have met designated requirements before applying for the BREP.

Once certification requirements are obtained and ones’ application is accepted by the BREI Education Committee, a certificate will be sent to each receipt for framing. Certifications run for three years before renewal is required. All certification holders are advertised through various platforms as certification recipients.