Industry Partners

BREI is pleased to have select international partners on-board that are available to assist members with their various business retention and expansion needs.  These partners are hand-picked by organizational leadership due to their particular interest and expertise in the field.

We encourage you to view more information on our industry partners below.

Blane Canada Ltd.Blane Canada

Blane, Canada Ltd.’s professionals have a superior track record and the tools to move you from research and planning into action!  As a management consulting firm, Blane, Canada Ltd. provides services to an economic development organizations and their partners in development.  They also own and license the professional business retention and expansion platform, Synchronist.  Synchronist Suite’s easy-to-use, fully integrated modules combined with a client relationship management program can be used by all the members of the organization improving efficiency as well as effectiveness.  Learn more.

13 Ways, Inc.PqeVuc-h

Identified as community therapists. the 13 Ways Team uses custom-designed tools to aid communities in identifying what is holding them back. Most communities, organizations and businesses fail not from a lack of planning, vision, purpose, strategy, values, or resources but because of the attitude that precedes them. They work with clients to change destructive community attitudes and to convert their aspirations into actionable strategies for success.  Led by internationally recognized economic development expert Dr. Doug Griffith, the 13 Ways Team is committed to helping communities build ambitious futures – no matter where they are.  Learn More

McSweeney and AssociatesMcSweeney

McSweeney & Associates works hard to deliver effective community economic development programs.  Solutions begin with understanding.  That’s why McSweeney & Associates’ first steps involve thorough, in-depth analysis of your local economy.  You can expect this analysis to reveal economic development challenges you share with other communities. But you can also expect insight into challenges that are uniquely yours. Knowledge of your unique situation helps us tailor project processes and find solutions that work.   They begin with questions suited to a wide range of community stakeholders. The answers, plus statistical data, feed analysis. This, in turn, informs strategies and tactics that respond to a community’s specific economic development challenges.  During a project, the McSweeney team listens carefully and respectfully. They keep their promises and convey findings directly and clearly.   View Flyer | Learn More