BREI Finds Success with Pivot to New Methods and Technologies

As long-time BREI members may have noticed, we have operated differently in 2020.  Like most organizations across the globe, BREI has felt the weight of COVID-19 and embraced the opportunities that technological advances have created.  New tools including Basecamp and Zoom have been heavily utilized by BREI, transitioning a largely in-person organization into one that is relying much more on digital communication and connection.  

We are happy to report that as a result of this pivot, BREI experienced a very positive year in 2020.  Our membership actually increased by about 8%, the number of participants in our Fundamentals Courses increased by 50%, and we offered multiple continuing education sessions to a more diverse group of members.  Financially, BREI experienced a positive year as well as a result of these new trainings and reduced expenses.  Lastly, BREI entered into several new partnerships with organizations from the US, Canada and Great Britain to expand its footprint and effective outreach across the globe.

Overall, BREI is poised to enter 2021 a stronger and better equipped organization due to the hard work and difficult decisions of its board of directors, members and staff.  We will continue to provide quality business retention and expansion training, news and education to members in a manner by which would be most effective and accessible.  

Thank you for your continued membership and support of BREI!

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