BRE Course Resources 10.2019



Bear in Banalla

Visitation Video

Pre Course Resources

Volunteer Visitor Manual


Section 1 – Introduction


Speaker Biography

Course Agenda

Warm Up Exercise

Section 2 – BR&E Models

Section 2 PowerPoint – Introduction to BR&E Models (pptx)

BR&E Model Flowchart revised (pptx)

Introduction to BR&E Models (pdf)

Section 3 – Community Assessment

Section 3 PowerPoint – Community Assessment (pptx)

  1. Mandan Community Profile
  2. Oktibbeha County Economic Profile
  3. Oktibbeha County Health Economics Profile
  4. Oktibbeha County Retail Economics Profile
  5. City of Starkville Retail Comparison Profile
  6. City of Starkville Retail Analysis Profile
  7. Barrington Passage Profile PCensus
  8. Business Profiles – Shelburne Queens Lunenburg
  9. Canada Business Nova Scotia contact
  10. Canadian Statistics
  11. Lunenburg Profile PCensus
  12. Queens Profile PCensus
  13. Shelburne Profile PCensus

Sources and Uses of Secondary Data publication by Barefield and Tweeten (pdf)

  1. Woods & Poole
  2. Economic Modeling Systems Incorporated (EMSI)
  3. ESRI Business Analyst Online – search for Business Analyst

Section 4 – Social Capital

Section 4 PowerPoint – Social Capital (pptx)

Section 5 – Roles of Local Leaders

Section 5 PowerPoint – Roles of Local Leaders and Project Coordinator (pptx)

Indicators that a Community is Ready for the BRE Process (docx)

Pounding the Pavement (pdf)

Plan of Work Discussion Questions (docx)

Section 6 – Survey Design and Implementation

Tab 6 Survey Design and Implementation

Electronic Survey Tools (pptx)

  1. University of Maryland Online Survey Guide
  2. Survey Fundamentals- University of Wisconsin

Section 7 – Visitation Training

Section 7 Powerpoint – Visitation Training (pptx)

Firm Visitor Tips and Procedures (docx)

Guidelines for Volunteer Visitors (pdf)

Role Play Notes Appendix (pdf)

Section 8 – Red Flag Review

Red Flag Review (pptx)

Red Flag Review Points (pdf)

Red Flag Followup Worksheet (pdf)

Follow-up Suggestions for Red/Yellow Flags (pdf)

BREI Red Flag Example Survey (pdf)

Section 9 – Survey Analysis and Reports

Section 9 PowerPoint – Survey Analysis and Report (pptx)

SWOT Worksheet (pdf)

Research Report Checklist (pdf)

Questions for Report Writers (docx)

Section 10 – Action Team Planning

Section 10 PowerPoint – Task Force / Action Plan Retreat (pptx)

Action Plan Worksheet (docx)

Preparing for the Future (Strategic Planning Manual) – Theodori (pdf)

Section 11 – BREI Certification Requirements

Section 13 PowerPoint – BREI Certification Requirements (pptx)